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Caucasus, Central Asia agricultural trade is topic of Samarkand conference Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 10:48 | Views: 12699

altInternational experts and policy makers will come together at a three-day conference in Samarkand next November, to review research and discuss the future of agricultural trade among countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Entitled "Regional and International Cooperation in Central Asia and South Caucasus: Recent Developments in Agricultural Trade," the conference is being organized by the Liebniz Institute of Agricultural Development and Trade Economics in Transition Economies (IAMO), with financial support from FAO and the German Academic Exchange Service, in close cooperation with the Samarkand Agricultural Institute.

The conference will provide a platform for knowledge exchange by inviting researchers and policy makers from countries of the two subregions. Participants will exchange knowledge and research findings on regional and international agricultural trade cooperation in the concerned countries.

FAO launches irrigation system modernization project in Tajikistan Print E-mail
Friday, 27 May 2016 14:49 | Views: 9110

altFAO is launching new project, Service-Oriented Management on Irrigation, aimed at increasing productivity and modernizing irrigation system of Tajikistan.

According to FAO Tajikistan, the direct beneficiaries of the 2-year project with a budget of $468 000 will be private (dehqon) farmers, also members of local Water Users Association (WUA) and the Water Users Associations’ Federation in the Govkush canal irrigation system, in the Vahdat district, in the Kofarnihon River basin, and in the Fayzobod district.

“The project will enable water users of pilot regions to enhance knowledge capacity on water management and to adopt best FAO practices in increasing profitability irrigated agriculture,” - said Mr Viorel Gutu, FAO Representative in Tajikistan.

Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too. Print E-mail
Friday, 20 May 2016 14:35 | Views: 4412

alt7 facts on climate change & food production for sustainable development

On the frontline of climate change, effects are real and measurable. As climate change evolves, food and agriculture need to follow suit. Rising temperatures, changes in rainfall, erratic weather patterns and the prevalence of pests and diseases resulting from climate change threaten agricultural productivity and therefore undermine global food security.

Simultaneously, the world’s population is growing steadily and expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. To meet this growing demand, agriculture and food systems must adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and become more resilient, productive and sustainable.

In celebration of this year’s World Food Day theme ‘Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too,’ here are 7 facts around climate change and some of the things FAO is doing to mitigate its effects on agriculture.

FAO national consultations to develop regional project held in Dushanbe today Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 15:37 | Views: 3281

altNational consultations organized by FAO in Tajikistan held today will assist local and international partners to integrate resilience strategies into their policies and action plans, and adopt and expand the use of climate-smart agriculture practices.

According to FAO CO in Tajikistan, the project corresponds to achieving one of its five Strategic Objectives – namely to “make agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable” in Central Asia and Turkey.

The national consultations were reportedly held under the project “Integrated natural recourses management in drought-prone and salt-affected agricultural production landscapes in Central Asia and Turkey” financed by Global Environment Facility (GEF), aimed at development of mechanisms to minimize pressures and negative impacts from drought and salinity, reduce risks and vulnerability to climate change, and enhance capacity to cope with or adapt with environmental changes.

FAO launches new mountain facility to tackle hunger in the highlands Print E-mail
Friday, 22 April 2016 15:28 | Views: 3442

altOn Earth day, nearly 329 million people in mountainous areas vulnerable to hunger

21 April 2016, Rome -- Faced with rising levels of hunger in mountainous regions across the developing world, FAO today launched a special funding-and-planning mechanism to ensure sustainable development and food security in highland regions, home to some 329 million of the world’s hungry people.

One in three people living in mountain areas across the developing world are food insecure – a number that can go up to half of the population in rural mountain areas. In comparison, one in nine people go hungry worldwide, including non-mountain areas.

An FAO report released late last year showed that vulnerability to hunger has risen by 30 percent in mountain areas between 2000 and 2012, at the same time that hunger levels worldwide have fallen.

In Tajikistan will take place a Festival of honey and melon Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 August 2015 14:30 | Views: 8911

altIn Tajikistan every year at the end of August, when the most delicious melons are ripening, with particular pomp celebrates the holiday of honey and melon.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this year the festival will be held on 29th of August.

For conducting these events at a high level, was formed a working group, that includes the Deputies of the Minister of Agriculture. Each member of the working group is attached to a specific area, city and region.

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